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updated 5:40 AM UTC, May 24, 2023

“Nigerians, Electing Vile Political Leaders Is No Panacea” (1 Of 2) By Kevin Udeinya Onovo

LONDON, United Kingdom. (Unic Press UK) — “Nigerians, Electing Vile Political Leaders Is No Panacea” By Kevin Udeinya Onovo.

You’ve been espousing a coterie of sleazy mandarins and vile political leaders, yet hoping that the supply of electricity to your home will be uninterrupted as is currently the case in the UK and several blue-chip states.

How will the fuel supply issues be solved when the political leadership is being controlled by those with a serial record of killing and maiming the people they should be protecting?

You actively canvassed to be led by a man whose history is replete with atrocities… now the guy is in power obliterating your means of livelihood. Are you really sure about your state of mind, or your ability to make premium decisions? You are now ‘vuvuzelling’ that all Nigerians should be held accountable [responsible] for the state’s parlous condition, while clogging various social media platforms with “IStandWith…”. Sincerely I discerned long ago that you were irritating, unteachable, and virtually irredeemably daft.

You know what? In life, poverty could be self-inflicted, a function of choice. Their children study in choice institutions – Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, among others; thereafter, they return home to usurp all the job openings at CBN, NNPC, Immigration, Customs, Presidency, so on; yet you’re still invoking “IStandWith…”

Again, I ask: Are you really sure about your state of mind? When will you be real? At what age will you rise against mortgaging your conscience for the gains of your would-be executioner?

Next general elections is not further afield, so get set to promote any of these serial criminals that abound in our land, thereafter blame the invisible in the ‘spiritual’ realm or blame all Nigerians as your folly knows no bounds.

For me, it is not too late to free yourself from the executioners who see you are a primary quarry.

You may stand with anyone, but I stand by myself, for myself, all by myself.

Kevin Udeinya Onovo, an entrepreneur, politics analyst, accountant. He studied at the University of Nigeria and Kingston University, UK.

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