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updated 5:40 AM UTC, May 24, 2023

Battle For The White House – U.S. Presidential Election 2020

Unic Press UK: ‘Battle For The White House’ By Udeinya Onovo

The latest polls from many sources are illustrating that the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Joe Biden, would win if the U.S election holds today.

However, polls are mere forecast. That’s simply what is. They are not firm pointers to what the outcome of an election would be, because the sampling is based on a very low number of registered voters.

The outcome of a poll could easily be determined by the interests of a few and those funding it.

That said, my money remains on this maverick U.S. president, Donald Trump.

The Republican Party’s presidential candidate, Mr Donald Trump appears to be on the verge of winning the U.S. presidential race based on four factors at least, Viz:

1. Candidate: The Democratic Party has a presidential candidate, Joe Biden, who appears not very forceful as the person President Trump defeated in the last presidential election.

2. Campaign: The Democrats’ campaign have not leveraged extensively on Trump’s weak links, rather it appears some of the leading media organisations are the machinery canvassing vigorously for U.S. Democrats. This is a serious goof in the context of a U.S. election. Moreover, Trump’s “fake news” tag on some news outfits seems to keep in check the efforts of media campaign against him.

3. Incumbency: Trump is in power, and has made maximum use of the benefits of incumbency. He is a restless voice, showing strong energy despite his age. He’s in the news everywhere/everyday to the extent that one is likely to find one thing to like him. Now, Trump is saying that at 70+ he easily defeated COVID-19, through leaving the hospital just a few nights after testing positive. This is arguable as to whether it’s creating a risk, yet this is election year, and he knows the optics.

Donald Trump

4. Voters: White population are the majority, and Trump seems to have overwhelming support on this front. With this and a little from other dominant races, he’s likely to win the Electoral College.

Kevin Udeinya Onovo, a Christian, entrepreneur, employer, politics analyst, accountant. He studied at the University of Nigeria and Kingston University, UK.

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