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updated 5:40 AM UTC, May 24, 2023

Lessons From The UK: When Will Nigerians Learn?

Unic Press UK: “Lessons From The UK: When Will Nigerians Learn?” By Kevin Udeinya Onovo.

One of the issues that have overwhelmed Nigerians included that most of their political leaders – present and past – are ‘irredeemably’ arrested [bewitched] by greed and kleptomania [a mental illness that makes a [wo]man to have the inexorable desire to steal].

There is a panacea, though. The solution to chronic greed and kleptomania in Nigeria seem to lie in the advent of a fearless [wo]man of virtue as a leader [president]… who will lead by exemplary, selfless conduct.

Of course, anyone who asserts that Nigerians should choose a smart character, person of virtue who’s bereft of a record of theft, lays himself on the ritual altar of vile PDP apparatchiks and a litany of monstrous APC goons. Well, the bad news for the brutes in the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC) is that many of us are not easily frightened by vile attacks… we have been long enough on Earth, and have encountered worse scenarios, circumstances and events.

Beyond the foregoing, it is pertinent for Nigerians to understand that anyone who opts for a bad person as a leader ends up in a state of delusion given that such a guy will be expecting sound output from a bad input. Someone who invites a moth to his tomato farm should go ask the Kaduna state government how helpful a moth could be in a tomato plantation.

Nigerians are aware that each day, there are good lessons from different parts of the whole wide world. The most recent being, perhaps, from the United Kingdom.

The likelihood of Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister, emerging as the PM in 2016, did not clearly manifest until after the Brexit referendum. Yet, Theresa May, who took over and resumed duty as the PM on Wednesday, the 13th July 2016, has shown clear signs of a leader who’s garbed with pragmatism and direction – vision and mission. She resumed today, the 13th July 2016, after the Queen of England gave her blessings and a confirmation. Today, the same day she resumed work, May has named key members of her cabinet… this is how to start… this is how to hit the ground running.

Those who have been named by May as part of her team have no theft or criminal record; and none of the appointees is under civil or criminal prosecution at this moment.

When will our people, Nigerians, learn?

Kevin Udeinya Onovo, an entrepreneur, politics analyst, accountant. He studied at the University of Nigeria and Kingston University, UK.

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