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updated 10:20 AM UTC, Dec 13, 2023

I Wear A Cross To Honor Christ–The Messiah, Says White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany

Unic Press UK: The White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, 32-year-old, has explained the reason she visibly wears a golden cross, a mark that defines her Christianity and identifies her as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

In an interview, Kayleigh McEnany explains to the Daily Caller News foundation’s social issues reporter, Mary Olohan, that the least she (Kayleigh) can do to honour God for being there for her is to wear the Cross.

Mary had asked: “I always see that you visibly wear a cross and that’s not something that all Americans do. A lot of Americans feel a little awkward about wearing a cross in public and maybe don’t want to talk about their faith. Can you explain a little bit why you wear a cross so visibly every day on national television?”

Kayleigh responded: “Because faith is the reason I’m here. It was an unlikely path to getting here. I’ll never forget watching Dana Perino give her press briefing —  never thinking that I would one day be behind that podium. I only made that journey. It never was my goal, I always wanted to be in politics and media, but never really set out for that position. But, it all fit together like a woven web because God had a path lined up for me as He does for each and every person on Earth and all you have to do is trust Him and follow the path and pray and he makes all the dots fit together. And the very least I can do is wear the cross, a symbol the very instrument that He died on to save humanity through Jesus Christ”.



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