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updated 10:20 AM UTC, Dec 13, 2023

Easter: Peter Obi Urges Christians, Muslims To Remain Hopeful

April 9, 2023. Peoples Gazette – As Christians across the globe celebrate Easter, Peter Obi has argued both the Christians and Muslims in Nigeria to remain hopeful for a better future despite the challenges facing the country.

Mr Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate in the February 25 elections, made this known in his Easter celebration message to the Christian community around the world.

He wished the Christians a happy celebration and also used the medium to reach out to Muslims who are currently observing Ramadan fast. Both religious rites are occurring at the same period this year. Mr Obi said he is looking forward to a joyous Eid El Fitr celebration with the Muslim community.

Mr Obi urged people of both religions, especially Nigerian youths, to remain strong in the face of many challenges currently facing Nigeria which has witnessed several killings in many parts of the country in the aftermath of the 2023 General Elections.

“On the occasion of Easter, the celebration of the risen Christ, l wish all Christians a happy celebration and pray that the message and blessings of the resurrection will remain with us,” Mr Obi said in a tweet. “To our Muslim brothers and sisters who are well into the Ramadan fasting period, which will culminate in the Eid El Fitr, my special greetings and prayers are with you as we look forward to a joyous celebration.”

“Given that we are all united as brothers and sisters, and in our trust in the mercies and infinite benevolence of God Almighty, I urge all Nigerians, particularly the youths not to despair in the face of many challenges and tribulations that we are facing as a country. We continue to thank God for all His blessings on Nigeria and pray for a better and New Nigeria, where equity, fairness, peace, unity, accountable leadership and prosperity shall reign.”

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