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[Video]: Peter Obi Speaks On Security Vote, $43m In Lagos Apartment

Unic Press UK: The former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi spoke on a range of issues when he appeared at “The Platform”, which was held in Lagos, on 1st May 2017.

Highlights of Obi’s statement.

  • Security vote: Peter Obi reminded Nigerians that security vote was not enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution, but there is something called contingency fund. Security vote has been abused in Nigeria; it is our biggest source of waste. When I became governor, I was told that my security vote can be ₦12 billion every year. How did Obi spend part of the security vote? He said: ₦5 million to each of the 1,040 primary schools, ₦10 million to each of the 257 secondary schools, five critical hospitals owned by voluntary agencies were given ₦1 billion each.
  • $43,449,947.00, ₦23,218,000.00, £27,800.00 scandal: Obi told the audience that he resides in one of the many apartments that are situated within the building in Ikoyi, Lagos, where those monies were found. The security agencies searched my apartment. They found a few items, mainly my wife’s clothes and a few pairs of shoes, said the former governor. “But let me tell you where I’m even worried. Assuming the money was even from a background that is questionable, why will anybody keep it in such a circumstance. The place could have caught fire, anything could have happened.” If that money had been placed in our banking system, the owner would have earned interest worth millions of Naira, and any bank holding the funds would have made a profit by lending it to businesses.



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