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updated 4:10 AM UTC, Aug 11, 2023

Jeff Bezos Blasting Off To Space With Blue Origin

Unic Press UK: The world’s richest man and Amazon potentate Jeff Bezos is blasting off on a journey to space on 20 July in a spacecraft that he hopes will herald a glorious era in commercial transportation service using automated spacecraft.

Jeff Bezos’ brainchild Blue Origin planned flight today follows the 11 July exploits of Sir Richard Branson’s New Shepard spacecraft to the edge of space. Bezos is hoping to make a difference having been beaten to the first position in the battle between the two billionaires. The two business leaders are targeting a booming business that offers commercial flights to space tourists like wealthy people, researchers, corporate bodies, and officials of government on a space mission.

The first space tourist is Dennis Tito, who paid $20 million to fly with the Russians to the International Space Station in 2001.

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