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Trump’s Strategy To Defeat Biden Could Work – Harvard Professor Of Law

Unic Press UK: Alan Dershowitz, America’s eminent legal scholar and Harvard professor of law, has weighed in on the legal challenge of the Trump team with regard to the U.S. Presidential Election 2020.

Speaking to the award-winning investigative journalist, John Solomon, the legal luminary Professor Dershowitz narrated what he considered the key strategy of Trump’s legal team.

Dershowitz seems to hold the view that Trump has a chance to remain as president on 20 January 2020 to serve a second term of office in the event that the final or projected electoral college votes for Biden fails to reach 270 for a win.

“The clock is a double-edged sword in this election, because if they don’t have enough time. But if they can put forward a sufficiently strong case, then they may be able to get some Republican Secretaries of States or legislatures to say, ‘Look, we just don’t have enough time to certify these electors’ and if they can bring down the number of electors, 35 [to] 37, from the 305 and bring it down to 267 or 268 then the election goes to the House, where the Republicans win. So the goal here is to try to just make sure that by the day the electors meet and vote, there’s no 270 [votes] for Biden. There’s no chance that Trump gets 270 up in time… The goal is to prevent Biden from getting 270, that’s why the clock is a double-edged sword.”

In a similar interview with NTD, Dershowitz gave a scenario in which the Supreme Court would be obliged to hear Trump’s argument about electoral irregularities/fraud.

“The strategy of the Trump team is not to get Trump to 270 [electoral college votes]; that’s impossible. The strategy is to keep Biden from getting 270. And the way they think they can do that is by having enough challenges so that states’ won’t certify the electors in tine for the mid-December meeting. If the number of challenged votes exceed the difference between Biden and Trump, then the Supreme Court would take the case and I think would probably rule in favour of Trump,” said Dershowitz.


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