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China Not Seeking Hegemony, Expansion Or Spheres Of Influence – Ministry Of National Defense

Unic Press UK: The Ministry of National Defense of the People’s Republic of China says the country’s national defense doctrine/policy is defensive in nature, never seeking hegemony, expansion or spheres of influence.

In a White Paper ‘China’s National Defense in the New Era’ published Wednesday, the country’s Ministry of National Defense says “international security system and order are undermined by growing hegemonism, power politics, unilateralism and constant regional conflicts and war.” It notes a decline on international arms control and disarmament efforts given the signs of the arms race and the challenges posed by a weak strategy on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

Chinese Navy's home-grown destroyer, a 10,000-tonne warship as seen during its launching in east China's Shanghai Municipality on 28 June 2017

Chinese Navy’s home-grown destroyer, a 10,000-tonne warship as seen during its launching in east China’s Shanghai Municipality on 28 June 2017

Chinese military parade at the ceremony marking China V-Day 2015

China recognizes that international strategic competition is on the rise, saying:

“The U.S. has adjusted its national security and defense strategies, and adopted unilateral policies. It has provoked and intensified competition among major countries, significantly increased its defense expenditure, pushed for additional capacity in nuclear, outer space, cyber and missile defense, and undermined global strategic stability… Russia is strengthening its nuclear and non-nuclear capabilities for strategic containment, and striving to safeguard its strategic security space and interests. The European Union (EU) is accelerating its security and defense integration to be more independent in its own security.”

In its White Paper – http://eng.mod.gov.cn/publications/2019-07/24/content_4846452.htm – the Chinese government says it would “build a stronger military and endeavor to achieve the great goal of developing world-class forces in an all-round way.” The country submits that security and prosperity shall be shared as peace is an aspiration for all peoples of the world irrespective of colour, race, age, ethnic or national origins, sexual orientation, religion, culture.

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