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North Korea: Kim Jong Un Inspects New Tactical Weapon Test

Unic Press UK: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un has made a formal visit to the test ground of the Academy of Defence Science, supervising a newly developed ultramodern tactical weapon test, reports the country’s news agency, KCNA.

During his visit, Kim Jong Un praised the officials of government, defence scientists, technicians and munitions industrial workers for a successful test of a new military weapon.

He added that the new weapon adds to the feat achieved by the Workers’ Party of Korea as it continues to prioritize defence science and technology, rapidly develop the defence capability of the country, and bolster the fighting capacity of the Korean People’s Army.

In June, a nuclear summit between the United States President, Donald Trump, and the Supreme Leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK), Kim Jong Un, was held on the island of Sentosa in Singapore, where the two leaders’ signed a document, which the U.S. President had described as a “pretty comprehensive document”.

This advent of a new ultramodern military-grade weapon may anger the United States, and jeopardize further talks on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.



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