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Russian President Putin Weighs In On WWII, Flays Poland Alliance With Nazi Germany

Unic Press UK: Russian President Vladimir Putin has alleged that some European countries that colluded with Adolf Hitler, a late German politician and dictatorial leader of the Nazi Party, in propagating an anti-Semitic ideology, are currently trying hard to eliminate Soviet war memorial to place the former USSR in parallel with the notorious Nazi Germany.

Speaking Tuesday to an audience and the Defense Ministry board, the Russian leader laid bare some happenings that preceded the Second World War (WWII). The Russian president made a reference to an archive data which reads:

“The Ambassador in Poland replied, and then wrote it down in his cable to the Polish Foreign Minister: ‘I told Hitler that, if he does, we will erect a magnificent monument to him in Warsaw’.”

Putin retched aspersion on a former Polish Ambassador to Germany, Jozef Lipski, who aligned with a dictator Hitler by pledging to erect a monument in honour of the German dictator in the event that the European Jews are forcefully banished to Africa in line with Hitler’s plot. He described Lipski as “a bastard, an anti-Semitic pig”.

“He was a bastard, an anti-Semitic pig, there’s no other way of saying it. He fully agreed with Hitler in his anti-Semitic sentiments and, moreover, promised him he’d erect a monument in Warsaw to his abuse of the Jewish people. Starting from 1938, when Hitler lodged his claims to a part of Czechoslovakia, Great Britain and France surrendered their ally, although [Prague] had a mutual assistance agreement with France, and provided Hitler with the opportunity to seize [the German-inhabited regions of the country.”

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