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Keep America Safe?: Nigeria’s Ruling Party, APC Faces Serious Allegations Of Plagiarism

Unic Press UK: Nigeria’s ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) is facing another serious scandal of stealing intellectual property via copying the policy statement of U.S. President Donald Trump with regard to keeping America safe.

Prior to going offline, claiming that its official website https://apc.com.ng/ had been compromised by hackers, many people and media outfits had taken a screenshot of Section Five [Power Supply] of the APC manifesto as published on the APC’s website, in which, the party said: “Our first priority is keeping America safe and secure.”

The APC also seems to have copied from http://trendytheme.net, having written “Completely administrate robust testing procedures vis-a-vis dynamic testing procedures. Globally fabricate functional intellectual capital for B2B e-services” on its website.

Plagiarism as Nigeria's ruling party, APC is entangled in copying from the intellectual property of others without giving credit to the owners.

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