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Yemen Civil War: Warring Parties Must Respect Hudaydah Ceasefire – Security Council

Unic Press UK: The United Nations Security Council has adopted a resolution, making it mandatory for all the warring parties in the Yemen conflict to respect the terms and conditions of the ceasefire agreed for Hudaydah governorate – the conduit for approximately 80% of Yemen’s life-saving food, medical aid and fuel.

By unanimously adopting resolution 2451 (2018), the Security Council has demanded that all the warring parties fully uphold the ceasefire agreement by redeploying their forces away from the city of Hudaydah and from the ports, and moving them to the agreed locations outside within 21 days of the ceasefire coming into force.

The 15-member Council has mandated the UN Secretary-General to establish and deploy, for an initial period of 30 days, an advance monitoring team on the ground, to ensure immediate implementation of the Stockholm Agreement.

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