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U.S.: Nuclear Posture Review is ‘Tailored Nuclear Deterrent Strategy’

Unic Press UK: United States Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) is a strategy to ‘keep America safe’, the Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan.

It was on 2nd February 2018 that the United States introduced changes on its nuclear policy. Excerpts from the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review reads:

“The highest U.S. nuclear policy and strategy priority is to deter potential adversaries from nuclear attack of any scale. However, deterring nuclear attack is not the sole purpose of nuclear weapons. Given the diverse threats and profound uncertainties of the current and future threat environment, U.S. nuclear forces play the following critical roles in U.S. national security strategy. They contribute to the: Deterrence of nuclear and non-nuclear attack; Assurance of allies and partners; Achievement of U.S. objectives if deterrence fails; and Capacity to hedge against an uncertain future. These roles are complementary and interrelated, and the adequacy of U.S. nuclear forces must be assessed against each role and the strategy designed to fulfill it. Preventing proliferation and denying terrorists access to finished weapons, material, or expertise are also key considerations in the elaboration of U.S. nuclear policy and requirements. These multiple roles and objectives constitute the guiding pillars for U.S. nuclear policy and requirements.”

Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China have denounced the United States over its latest nuclear policy,

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