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Innoson Vehicle Boss, Innocent Chukwuma, Released By EFCC

Unic Press UK: Innoson Vehicle founder, Innocent Chukwuma, who was arrested by the EFCC on Tuesday, has been released from custody, a statement on the website of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) reports.

Excerpts from the statement which was signed by the Head Corporate Communications at Innoson Group, Cornel Osigwe, reads:

“First and foremost, We reiterate that EFCC’s claim that they invited Dr Innocent Chukwuma (INNOSON) and he refused to honour same invite as false. We urge them to show Nigerians dated proof that he was duly invited by the Commission. Dr Chukwuma is a man of impeccable character and a law abiding citizen. He will never disrespect or disregard a constituted authority. The Commissions claim that that Dr Chukwuma resisted arrest is laughable. His residence was raided at 5am. They don’t expect him to run out and hand himself to whoever it was that came for him. EFCC alleged that Dr Chukwuma hired Six truck-loads of thugs to manhandle operatives of the Commission. This is preposterous. The people that invaded Dr Chukwuma’s residence were armed to the teeth. How can people without arms attack fully armed operatives of the commission? Finally, We would like Nigerians to know that we have a dispute with Guarantee Trust Bank which arose from a business deal that went wrong. This case is on final appeal at the Supreme Court. We implore everyone to wait till The Judiciary which remains the final arbiter to adjudicate and give their judgement in this matter.” (Innoson Group: 20 Dec. 2017)

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Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (Innoson Motors) is a manufacturer of automobiles. Its manufacturing plant is located in Nnewi – one of the major commercial hubs in the southern part of Nigeria. The company was founded by Innocent Chukwuma. In July 2017, the company entered into an agreement with Mali for the supply of 400 automobiles. The company’s vision is to be Africa’s most preferred automobile brand.

An Interior View of the IVM SUV model by Innoson Motors

An Interior View of the IVM SUV model by Innoson Vehicle

IVM UMU by Innoson Motors

IVM UMU by Innoson Vehicle


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