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Muslim Festival Of Eid Al-Adha: Catholic Archbishop Of Abuja Calls For Peace

Voice of Nigeria: The Bishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Ignatius Kaigama has called on all Muslim faithful to pray for peace and unity in Nigeria as they celebrate Eid-al Adha.

Archbishop Kaigama stated this at a media briefing to mark his 62nd birthday which coincided with the Eid celebration in Abuja, Nigeria.
According to his Grace, Nigerians deserve to live in peace irrespective of culture, race or religion.
He also  called on Christians to join hands in praying for lasting peace and unity in the country.
”Whether you are a Muslim or a Christian we deserve to live in peace with one another, we are one and should live happily.”
The Catholic Archbishop however called on the government to address the fundamental issues causing the problems of insecurity and violence in the country.
”Injustice is what is causing all these friction across the country and government knows what to do to stop it and they should do it to address the problems once and for all as well as  stop the destruction of  lives and property and bring lasting peace in the country,” he said.
Archbishop Kaigama who thanked God as he marked his 62nd birthday  said every thing that happened in his life  has been the perfect plan of God.
”It might interest you to know that this year, to the glory of God, I celebrated 39th anniversary of my ordination as a Catholic priest, the 25th anniversary of my ordination as a Bishop and today , 31st July , I am celebrating my 62nd birthday, also being the feast of St.
“Ignatius of Loyola, my patron Saint. Coincidences don’t just happen, God allows them. I therefore thank God for His grace and mercy  for these and other significant milestones in the journey of my life.”
He said he resumed fully as the successor of John Cardinal Onaiyekan at the peak of COVID-19 pandemic and was yet to familiarize fully with the people of the archdiocese.
Archbishop Kaigama noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has left some indelible lessons for Nigeria and the world at large.
According to him, Nigeria is blessed with enormous human and natural resources and at times like this, the leaders should be able to provide palliatives to the poor and needy in the society.
”With the advent of the pandemic, it became obvious that our medical facilities are highly insufficient to cater for emergencies like this, they are also below standard and should be upgraded .”
 Archbishop Kaigama said for Nigeria to speed up her journey to join the league of developed nations, it must address the following.
– Nigeria must  refine its politics to include high principles and values,
-There must be total over hauling of the  educational system of Nigeria at all levels as well as the inclusion of the almajiri children and other disadvantaged out of school children.
 -Nigeria must do away with all forms of corruption at all spheres of life .
-The anti graft agencies like EFCC/ICPC should do their work without fear or favour , no political intent and with fear of God.
”With all the bad news about social maladies of embezzlement of public funds, kidnapping, banditry, militancy, unemployment, cybercrime, immortality, violence and killings still with us, we must ask the question whether all these leave our youths with any decent future.”
Archbishop Kaigama however said that God has given Nigerians a second chance to change from their bad behaviour.
He also called on Nigerians to make use of the positive experiences of COVID-19, and be one another’s keeper as well as live peacefully
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