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Brexit: Voters’ Supporting 2nd Referendum Same As Those For Exiting Without A Deal – Opinium/Observer

Unic Press UK: A political poll conducted by Opinium/Observer illustrates that the proportion of voters who support a second referendum on Brexit is same as the those that think the UK should exit the regional bloc without a deal.

“The survey shows the country split down the middle, with 43% supporting a delay to Brexit in order to hold a second public vote and 43% believing the UK should simply quit without any agreement with Brussels,” The Guardian reports.

June 23, 2016: After 43 years, the United Kingdom has voted to Leave the European Union with 51.8% [more than 17.4 million of the total votes]. Out: England voted to Leave; In: Northern Ireland supported the Remain campaign; In: Scotland voted to Remain; and Out: Wales chose to Leave.

March 29, 2017: The UK triggered Article 50 (Lisbon Treaty), thereby giving a formal notice to the EU of its intention to exit from the regional bloc in March 2019.


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