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U.S. Destroyer “Donald Cook” Sails Into Black Sea; Russian Fleet Tracks Its Movement

Unic Press UK: A guided-missile destroyer “Donald Cook” of the United States Navy fleet re-entered the Black Sea on Tuesday.

During its sortie, which is the second in the Black Sea this year, having sailed through in January, the crew will conduct maritime security operations and enhance regional maritime stability.

“The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook began its north-bound transit of the Dardanelles Strait, en route to the Black Sea Feb. 19, 2019, to conduct maritime security operations and enhance regional maritime stability, combined readiness and naval capability with our NATO allies and partners in the region,” the US 6th Fleet’s press office announced.

Reacting to the arrival of the missile Destroyer “Donald Cook,” the National Defense Management Center of the Russian Federation said that the Russian Black Sea Fleet is tracking the guided-missile destroyer “Donald Cook” with a missile corvette Orekhovo-Zuyevo  and a reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs.


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