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United Nations Vote On INF Treaty Undermines Global Security – Russia

Unic Press UK: Russia is disappointed with the outcome of the United Nations General Assembly voting on a resolution drafted by Moscow to safeguard the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty), the [Russian news agency] TASS reported.

In a statement Saturday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said:

“Results of the UN General Assembly voting on the Russia-drafted resolution, co-authored by ten more countries, cannot but disappoint. [The resolution] lacked a few votes so that the arithmetic majority of the nations could unambiguously and without any invented excuses express their support to viability of this treaty through activation of a detailed and constructive dialogue by the sides, taking into account the existing mutual concerns.Thus, the architecture of the world’s security and stability took a new blow. Henceforth, after having the INF Treaty dismantled, the world’s several regions might be plunged simultaneously into an arms race, or even in a direct confrontation.”

It was on Friday that the United Nations General Assembly voted down a draft resolution of the Russian government in support of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Forty-three nations voted/supported the draft resolution, forty-six rejected, while seventy-eight abstained.

Washington has threatened to withdraw from the INF signed with Moscow in 1987, claiming that the Russian Federation has violated the agreement by developing a new ground-launched missile. Russia has denied the allegations.

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