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Pope Francis Worried About Unsafe Water, Regrets Abundance Of Killer Weapons

Unic Press UK: Pope Francis has expressed deep concerns over the dearth of safe drinking water in several countries.

In a message to an International Conference entitled, ‘The management of a common good: access to drinking water for all’, which is taking place in Rome today, Pope Francis said that the shortage of healthy drinking water in several places “is an immense shame for humanity in the 21st century. . . unfortunately, in many of the countries where the population does not have regular access to drinking water, there is no shortage of arms and ammunition, which continues to worsen the situation,” the Vatican News reported.

Making a reference to Matthew’s gospel – “I was hungry but you would not feed me; thirsty, but you would not give me a drink” – in the Holy Scriptures, the Catholic Church leader, Pope Francis said: “the dual spiritual and cultural dimension of water should never be neglected, since it is central to shaping social fabric, coexistence and community organization.”

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