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UK Labour Party May Vote Against Prime Minister’s Final Brexit Deal

Unic Press UK: The Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, speaking during an interview said his party may vote down Prime Minister Theresa May’s final Brexit deal if it fails to meet the expected standards.

“We would vote it down if it didn’t meet out tests, in order to send the government – if it is still in office – straight back to the negotiating table… because we want to protect jobs and industry in the country. We want to ensure that there is a good, effective trade relationship with Europe in the future,” said Corbyn, during an interview with Andrew Marr.

The United Kingdom had voted on 23 June 2016 to leave the European Union with 51.8% [more than 17.4 million of the total votes]. Thereafter, on March 29, 2017, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May via a signed letter triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to formally declare that the UK would exit the EU.

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