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Paris Club Refund: Federal Govt Withholds Payment To States With Salary Arrears

Unic Press UK: The Federal Government of Nigeria said that state governments with a backlog of workers’ salaries and entitlement are not to receive a share yet in the remaining $2.69 billion (or ₦969.6 billion) refund from the Paris Club, save the affected state(s) settles workers’ salary arrears.

The position of the Federal Government on withholding monies – part of the $2.69 billion refund from the Paris Club – payable to any state government with a backlog of workers’ pay was communicated Tuesday by the Director of Information of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Hassan Dodo, as he announced the modalities for a phased disbursement of the refund sum to the state governments.

“Salary and staff related arrears must be paid as a priority. Also commitment to the commencement of the repayment of Budget Support Loans granted in 2016 must be made by all states. Furthermore, they must clear amounts due to the Presidential Fertilizer Initiative and make commitment to clear matching grants from UBEC. . .,” Dodo said with reference to the $2.69 billion Paris Club refund, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

It had been expected that previous Paris Club refund since the advent of the Buhari administration would be used by the state governments to fully settle salary arrears as advised by the Federal Government.

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