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Onovo: There’re “Extremely Serious Consequences Of Bad Governance”

Unic Press UK: Martin Onovo, a consulting engineer and one of the notable presidential aspirants for Nigeria 2019 Presidential Election, has called on the Nigerian people to vote wisely in the forthcoming election to avert the “extremely serious consequences of bad governance”.

Speaking to Evans of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Unic Press UK, Onovo said that the current terrible situation of the country – insecurity, poor infrastructure, excessive corrupt practices, low wages in the public service, poor healthcare and falling standards of education – would persist until a time the majority change their mindset.

Onovo reiterated that Nigerians should channel energies to elect a strong, moral and intelligent leader, saying:

“A trustworthy leader who would promote unity, control corruption, uphold ethical and moral values, defend best practices, protect the institutions, reward outstanding performance, foster rapid economic development and growth in all parts of the country.”  

He emphasized that the forthcoming Presidential Election is a call for wise decision, and an emergency response among the people to save the country from doom.

When asked what his priorities would be if elected president, Onovo said:

“The primary issues to be addressed include the security of lives and properties; the second priority is to control corruption; the third priority would be to grow the economy; and the fourth is education and employment. The fifth is improving infrastructure. These priorities and other teething problems would be tackled simultaneously.”

Responding to a poser on his chances of being elected president, Onovo said he’s confident, focused and hardworking; pointing to the fact that support for his vision is great.

The erudite consulting engineer Onovo expressed profound appreciation to the leadership and members of South West regional bloc of the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) for endorsing his presidential aspiration and for overwhelmingly describing him as the “Face of the New Nigeria”. He also thanked the Movement For Fundamental Change [MFC] and the Secure our Votes Nigeria [SOV Nigeria] for endorsing him.

Martin Onovo is seen with the leadership of CNPP and many top politicians when his vision of Nigeria was endorsed, July 2018

Martin Onovo is seen with the leadership of CNPP and many top politicians when his vision for Nigeria was endorsed, July 2018


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