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Cameroon’s Anglophone Regions Gripped By Deadly Violence, Says Amnesty Int’l

Unic Press UK: The violence in the Republic of Cameroon has worsened, causing further destruction of lives and properties, says the Amnesty International reports ‘A turn for the worse: Violence and human rights violations in Anglophone Cameroon’.

The highlights of the report include: Escalation of violence given the indiscriminate killing of innocents and mass displacement; torture and destruction of ancestral homes by security forces; and the attack on schools and killing of security forces by armed separatists.


“People in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions are in the grip of a deadly cycle of violence. Security forces have indiscriminately killed, arrested and tortured people during military operations which have also displaced thousands of civilians. Their heavy-handed response will do nothing to calm the violence – in fact it is likely to further alienate Anglophone communities and fuel further unrest. For their part, armed separatists have killed dozens of members of the security forces. They also carried out attacks designed to strike fear amongst the population, going as far as burning down schools and targeting teachers who did not enforce the boycott,” Amnesty International Deputy Director for West and Central Africa, Samira Daoud, said.


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