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Syria Crisis: Air Strikes On Syrian Soil Would Not Be Without Consequences, Says Russia

Unic Press UK: The Russian Federation says there would be consequences, following air strikes on a sovereign country by the United States, the United Kingdom and the French Republic on Saturday, the 14th April 2018.

“A pre-designed scenario is being implemented. Again, we are being threatened. We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences,” said the Russian Embassy in the USA.

About the Syrian Civil War

The crisis that metamorphosed into a Syrian civil war started in March 2011 after government forces tried to silence protesters voicing support for democracy.

Within a period of five years, this armed conflict caused the death of circa 250,000 people, almost 8 million internally displaced, and 4 million refugees, said the Amnesty International on January 2016.

It’s a convoluted, multi-sided armed conflict fought primarily between the Syrian forces under the control of the Syrian government and its allies, and various forces [state and non-state actors] opposing the Syrian government.

The Russian Federation, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkey are collaborating, providing measured support for the Syrian government, while the United States leads a coalition seemingly seeking regime change in Syria.

The war has a geopolitical angle. Also, there is a ‘sectarian’ strand, thereby pitching the country’s Sunni Muslim majority against the Shia Muslim sect. Until recently, jihad terrorist group Islamic State (IS) was in control of a part of Syrian territory.

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