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Billionaires 2018: Meet The Richest People On The Planet

Unic Press UK: Jeff Bezos is the richest person on the planet with a net-worth of $128 billion as of 7 March 2018, reports Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

Top Three Billionaires 

  1. Jeff Bezos – $128 billion.
  2. Bill Gates – $91.6 billion.
  3. Warren Buffett – $87.8 billion.

“Jeff Bezos is the richest person on the planet and the first centi-billionaire atop our annual ranking. Shares of his e-commerce giant Amazon rose 59%  in 12 months, helping boost his fortune by $39.2 billion. It was the biggest one year gain since Forbes started tracking billionaires in 1987. He easily moved ahead of Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, who ceded the top spot for only the sixth time since 1995.” (Forbes: 6 March 2018)

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