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Flynn And Kislyak Talks Not Proof Of Russia’s Meddling In U.S. Affairs – Russian MP

Unic Press UK: The talks between then-Russian ambassador to the United States Kislyak and former United States national security adviser Michael Flynn do not prove that Russian national authorities were meddling in the affairs of the United States, a Russian member of parliament Konstantin Kosachev said.

TASS reported that Kosachev, who chairs the Committee on International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev, said:

“This adds nothing to the “Russian conspiracy” theory against the foundation of American democracy. These conversations, even with the most active imagination, cannot be regarded as a Russian intervention attempt in American affairs, quite the opposite – Flynn, judging by the details of the conversations, tried to influence the Kremlin through Kislyak.”

The former U.S. national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty on Friday, confessing that he had lied to the FBI about contacts with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, pledging to cooperate with prosecutors.

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