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Nigeria: Teachers Failed Competency Tests in Kaduna, Then Sacked

Unic Press UK: In Kaduna, a state in the North West region of Nigeria, more than twenty-one thousand primary school teachers’ who failed a competency test have been relieved of the teaching jobs.

The Kaduna state government, which announced the sack of thousands of teachers has already initiated the processes for employing 25,000 teachers to replace those it had declared unqualified.

Circa two-thirds of teachers that sat for the competency test could not score 75% or more on assessments usually set for primary 4 pupils.

Reacting to the decay in the education sector, the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, during a media chat that was held on October 2017, said:

“Unqualified teachers entered the system because the recruitment of teachers was politicized. The local government council chairmen and other senior politicians and bureaucrats saw teaching as a dumping ground for their thugs, supporters and other unqualified persons. Teachers were employed at local government level without adherence to standards. In many instances, no examinations or interviews were conducted to assess the quality of recruits. Political patronage, nepotism and corruption became the yardstick, thus giving unqualified persons a way in. Teaching jobs were given as patronage to those connected to politicians and bureaucrats.”

The sacking of teachers triggered a row between the state government and the civil servants. And in response to allegations against the government over the sack of thousands of primary school teachers’, the Kaduna state governor Nasir El-Rufai took to Twitter to disclose some of the scores.



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