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NDDC Boss Tells Niger Delta Militant: Please Do Not Attacks Oil Facilities

Unic Press UK: The Chairman of the Board of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Victor Ndoma-Egba, has appealed to the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) – an armed militant group in the oil rich Niger Delta of Nigeria – to rethink its decision to suspend a ceasefire and commence attacks on oil facilities in Nigeria’s Niger Delta.

Victor Ndoma-Egba, whose statement was delivered Monday by his Special Adviser on Communication, Clara Braide, said:

“Our environment is already polluted and is in dire need of restoration, destroying oil pipelines and installations would further destroy our environment and expose our people to sickness and untold hardship. It would worsen our already bad situation and expose innocent women, children and youths to grave danger. We appeal to NDA to still give the Government and Stakeholders more time. We would be doing a great disservice to ourselves and our future generations if we continue to destroy our own God given heritage in order to prove points that are already proven. I passionately appeal to the conscience of our people to give the region a chance to heal. Give us a chance to rebuild and restore the glory of our region,” the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

A few days’ ago, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), a militant group whose notoriety for violent attacks on oil installations in Nigeria is widely documented, announced that its ceasefire had ended, threatening to commence attacks on oil facilities in the country. In a statement Friday, which was signed by its spokesman, Murdoch Agbinibo, the NDA said:

“Instead of allowing us to continue our quest to bring the Nigerian economy to our targeted zero daily production, which recorded huge success; you threatened us… We want to make it known to the PANDEF and the Nigeria government that our call for halt on “Operation Red Economy” is officially over. We have just concluded head count of our operatives across the country; we are pleased to announce that all our operatives are intact and focused; ready to implement instructions from the High Command of the NDA in the going few days. Message to the oil companies; Our next line of operation will not be like the 2016 campaign which we operated successfully without any casualties; this outing will be brutish, brutal and bloody, as we are shall crush everything we meet on our path to completely put off the fires that burn to flare gas in our communities and cut every pipe that moves crude away from our region. We can assure you that every oil installation in our region will feel warmth of the wrath of the Niger Delta Avengers.”


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