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Refugee Crisis: European Commission Recommends Legal Entry For 50,000

Unic Press UK: In one of its measures toward curbing illegal migration, the European Commission has recommended a resettlement program, aimed at granting leave to enter Europe to at least 50 000 people within the next two years’.

Migrants on the sea, seeking to enter Europe

Migrants on the sea, seeking to enter Europe

In a press release today, Wednesday, the European Commission said:

“The Commission is now reviewing progress on the European Migration Agenda of 2015, and is taking the next steps to complement the still missing elements for a more determined, equitable and effective EU migration and asylum policy. The Commission is now proposing a series of new initiatives in key areas: a new resettlement program for at least 50 000 refugees… The Commission recommends a new EU resettlement program to bring to Europe at least 50 000 people who are particularly in need of international protection in the next two years.”

Another measure to being considered by the EC as a means of putting in place effective/fairer EU migration and asylum policy is to encourage Member States’ to establish private sponsorship that give latitude to civil society organizations and private groups to organize/finance resettlement in accordance with national legislation.

In a statement, the EC’s Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos, said:

“The moment has come to do the next steps for a just, stable and realistic EU migration policy. This means that we must continue to show solidarity with the most affected Member States and at the same time to find a suitable compromise for the reform of the Common European Asylum System. However, it also means making improvements in return, and so today we are proposing to create a real functioning return center of the EU within the European Border and Coast Guard. We also need to provide genuine alternatives to dangerous irregular journeys. Therefore, more opportunities for legal entry are essential – both for the protection of people and for study or employment purposes.”

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